Visual Field Exam

What Is The Importance?

Experience comprehensive visual field analysis at Island Eyecare. Our advanced on-site field machine allows us to assess both central and peripheral vision accurately. This highly diagnostic device enables us to provide precise evaluations for our patients.

During your visit, our skilled optometrist will review the results of the visual field test with you. We believe in open communication and will inform you if a visual field test is necessary based on your specific needs and eye health concerns.

Trust Island Eyecare for comprehensive visual field exams utilizing state-of-the-art technology. Your vision health is our priority. Schedule an appointment today to receive personalized visual field analysis from our expert team.

Visual Field Analyzer

The primary use of the visual field analyzer is to monitor glaucomatous change which allows us to better recognize and manage the condition. In combination with comprehensive eye exams, visual field testing allows for the detection and monitoring of glaucoma before it affects vision.

A field exam is one of our best methods to recognize the disease and then provide treatment early, preserving current eye sight as damage that has already been caused by glaucoma is irreversible.

Visual field testing can be required by the department of motor vehicles in order to renew your drivers license. The results can often dictate the type of restrictions that may be put on the license. It is an important part of checking a driver’s vision capability, functionality, and safety on the road.

Our field tests are easy and convenient with testing done at our downtown location.

Some medications can affect vision but are necessary to control medical conditions. Visual fields are used to monitor subtle changes in the eyes even before the patient is able to perceive a change in their sight. Visual field testing lets us detect these changes which may not show up with a retinal evaluation alone.

The optometrists at Island Eyecare work with general physicians and specialists, when necessary, in order to determine if the dosage of medication needs to be altered. Because of this, it is important to inform your optometrist of any prescription medication you may be taking as it may affect your vision and ocular health.

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