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In the dynamic core of Victoria, BC, Island Eyecare seamlessly combines exceptional eye health services with aesthetic innovation. We offer comprehensive eye exams, quality contact lenses, and a curated array of stylish eyewear. Our team, under Dr. Anita Narang’s adept guidance, is devoted to providing superior eyecare, using cutting-edge technology and a patient-focused approach.

We cater to Victoria’s myriad eyecare needs through routine eye check-ups, precise contact lens fittings, and a diverse suite of eyecare services. Our commitment to eye health extends to specialty clinics and disease management programs, meticulously designed to monitor and treat various eye conditions, furthering your overall well-being. Island Eyecare’s mission is to not only meet but surpass expectations, reinforcing our position as a trusted choice for holistic, aesthetic optometry services in Victoria.”

Island Eyecare in Victoria BC

Dry Eye Clinic

Find relief at our Dry Eye clinic, where personalized treatments and advanced therapies unite to rejuvenate your eyes and alleviate discomfort.

Don’t let Dry Eye control your life. Find real relief and regain your comfort. Take action to protect your eyes and reclaim your clear vision today.

Emergency Eye Clinic

Urgent eye concern? Our Emergency Eye Clinic delivers immediate care, expert attention, and advanced treatments to alleviate your eye emergency.

Experiencing sudden vision loss, flashes, or double vision? Urgent care is crucial. At our clinic, we’re equipped and ready to provide immediate, comprehensive assistance for all eye health emergencies.

Glaucoma Clinic

Prevent and protect against glaucoma at our specialized clinic, where advanced diagnostics, tailored treatments, and expert care ensure optimal eye health.

Preserve your vision with timely treatment and monitoring of glaucoma, preventing irreversible damage and ensuring long-term ocular health for a brighter future.

Comprehensive Eye Exams

Experience the benefits of a comprehensive eye exam - advanced diagnostics and expert care for optimal vision health and clarity.

Uncover a comprehensive view of your eye health and detect early signs of systemic diseases through our thorough exam, ensuring optimal vision and overall well-being.


Immerse yourself in premium eyecare, where skill & innovation ensure vision & great ocular health.

Book Your Exam

Take the first step towards exceptional care and prioritize your well-being – book an appointment with us today for personalized attention and transformative health experiences.

Contact Lens Exam

Optimize your contact lens experience with our specialized exam, delivering precise fittings, enhanced comfort, and exceptional vision clarity.

Protect your eyes and vision: Annual contact lens exams, along with proper training and fittings, are crucial to prevent eye infections, discomfort, and long-term damage.

Our Mission

At Island Eyecare, our mission is to revolutionize optometric healthcare by embracing innovation, adopting cutting-edge methods, treatments, and technologies. We are committed to providing comprehensive and personalized eyecare services that prioritize patient care and overall health. We believe that eye health is intrinsically linked to overall well-being and beauty, and we strive to enhance both through our services.

Serving Victoria and the surrounding communities, we empower our patients with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions about their eye health. Our focus extends beyond mere services; we deliver effective solutions that enhance and preserve vision, contributing to the overall health and aesthetic appeal of our patients. At Island Eyecare, we are more than just your optometrists – we are your partners in eye health, committed to pioneering advancements in eyecare and promoting overall health and beauty.

What Patients Are Saying!

Life is full of so many beautiful things. We open our eyes to see the world around us and all its intricate details. Vision is important and needs to be well taken care of so we can enjoy each day to the fullest. From the tiniest of details to a breathtaking sunset, eyesight should never be taken for granted.

Anita Narang OD, BSc (Biology)
Doctor of Optometry

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