Optometry at Island Eyecare goes beyond just vision correction. Our experienced team is dedicated to providing comprehensive eye health evaluations. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, we ensure a thorough examination of your vision and eye health.

  • Comprehensive Eye Exams

  • Optical Dispensary & Lab

  • Contact Lens Fitting & Training

Our approach is patient-centered, focusing on individual vision needs and lifestyle. Whether it’s routine check-ups, managing eye conditions, or finding the perfect eyewear, our commitment is to deliver exceptional care. Your vision and eye health are our top priority.

Ocular Surface Disease

Managing Dry Eye and Ocular Surface Disease (OSD) presents unique challenges, affecting your vision and overall eye comfort. At Island Eyecare, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions for these conditions, utilizing a variety of advanced diagnostic and treatment methods.

  • Specialized Root Cause Diagonstics

  • Personalized Treatment Plans

  • Advanced Inmode Technology

Our approach involves a detailed analysis of your specific symptoms, focusing on uncovering the root causes of Dry Eye and OSD. We offer an array of treatment options, including customized eye drops and innovative Inmode technology, specifically aimed at providing relief from Dry Eye symptoms and improving overall ocular health.


Aesthetics at Island Eyecare is about enhancing your natural beauty while prioritizing eye health and safety. Our team offers a range of aesthetic services designed to rejuvenate and refresh your appearance, always with a gentle touch and professional care.

  • Non-Invasive Eye Area Rejuvenation

  • Gentle, Effective Facial Aesthetics

  • Advanced Skin Care Solutions

With a focus on delicate areas around the eyes, we use the latest techniques and technology to deliver results that are both beautiful and natural-looking. From subtle enhancements to more transformative changes, our goal is to help you look and feel your best.


Glaucoma is a complex eye condition that requires careful management and expertise. At Island Eyecare, we are committed to providing advanced care for glaucoma patients, focusing on early detection and ongoing management to preserve vision.

  • Glaucoma Screening & Diagnostics

  • Latest Treatment & Monitoring Techniques

  • Gum disease treatments

Our experienced team uses state-of-the-art diagnostic tools to identify glaucoma at its earliest stages. We then tailor management plans to each individual’s needs, utilizing the latest treatments and monitoring strategies to slow disease progression and protect your eyesight.


Island Eyecare’s skincare approach is deeply rooted in enhancing ocular health and facilitating graceful aging. Understanding the significant impact of various skin conditions, including Rosacea, Eczema, and Psoriasis, on eye health, our treatments are designed to address these issues while promoting overall skin vitality.

  • Care for Skin and Eye Health

  • Non-Invasive Healthy Aging Support

  • Advanced Skincare for Ocular Wellness

Our focus at Island Eyecare is on the long-term health of your skin and eyes. We address conditions such as Ocular Rosacea, which impact tear film and meibomian glands, to protect both vision and skin health. Our holistic skincare approach is designed to preserve eye function and enhance skin’s natural radiance, embodying our belief in skincare that supports both ocular wellness and graceful aging.

Urgent Care

When unexpected eye emergencies arise, timely and effective care is crucial. At Island Eyecare, we’re equipped to handle urgent eye care needs, providing immediate attention to preserve your vision and eye health.

  • Emergency Eye Care Services

  • Prompt Diagnosis & Treatment

  • Advanced Urgent Care Facilities

We understand the urgency of eye-related injuries and sudden vision problems. Our experienced team is prepared to offer quick assessments and treatments for a range of eye emergencies, ensuring your eye health is promptly and effectively addressed. In cases where you experience an eye emergency after our normal business hours, we advise seeking immediate care at an emergency room to ensure timely and appropriate treatment.

“Going to Island Eyecare and meeting Dr. Narang was the best decision for my vision health. She has given me a regimen of lifestyle tips, supplements, and some high-tech care that is really working.”

Mark R.

“Struggling with dry eyes everyday was tough, but Dr. Narang had the solution. She put together a personalized plan for me, and I can’t tell you how much better my eyes feel. It’s like I’ve finally found the relief I needed.”

Lisa M.

“Dr. Narang at Island Eyecare really knows her stuff. She explained how she could help my dry eye problem by using an expression technique. Combined with their Inmode treatments, my eyes feel relief like never before.”

Sarah W.

“Dr. Narang’s approach to eye care is something else! She combined high-tech Forma-i treatments with gland expression, and my eyes feel the best they have in years. It’s amazing how much better my quality of life is now.”

Jennifer P.

“I used to have this constant eye irritation, but Dr. Narang at Island Eyecare recommended a combo of natural supplements and the latest treatments. I was skeptical at first, but the relief I’ve experienced speaks for itself.”

David B.

“I had this annoying eye issue called Demodex and Dr. Narang knew exactly what to do. She used advanced treatments, and I can finally say my eyes are feeling so much better.”

Sophia H.

“I was struggling with dry eyes for years, but Dr. Narang at Island Eyecare changed that. She introduced me to some new treatments called Form-i and Lumecca-i. I finally have relief.”

John S.

“Before I met Dr. Narang, I had no idea what Meibomian Gland Dysfunction was. She explained everything and set me up with a comprehensive treatment plan. The relief I feel is night and day.”

Brenda C.

“I have Rosacea, and it was affecting my eyes quite badly. Dr. Narang used a treatment called Lumecca-i, and wow, what a difference! My eyes don’t feel irritated all the time anymore.”

Emily L.

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