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Island Eyecare offers personalized, exceptional eye care. Our professional clinic combines advanced diagnostics and treatments with patient education and preventive care, empowering patients on their eye health journey. We ensure comprehensive, effective management of various eye conditions.

  • Customized Eye Care: Personalized treatment for each patient

  • Advanced Technology: Precise diagnosis and effective treatments

  • Serene Clinic: A calming space for healing and education

  • Patient Empowerment: Comprehensive eye health education

  • Preventive Focus: Early detection and prevention prioritized

  • Disease Expertise: Specialized, effective in-house treatments

Our Story

At Island Eyecare, we pratice advanced eye care, combining personalized service with the latest technology. Our experienced team, led by Dr. Anita Narang, is committed to enhancing vision and improving life quality for our community.

Dr Anita Narang Optometrist

Meet Dr. Anita Narang

A distinguished authority in the field of optometry, whose expertise and dedication illuminate our path to ocular health & wellness.

Dr. Anita Narang: Academic Excellence and Professional Expertise

Dr. Anita Narang, an esteemed optometrist with over 16 years of professional experience, has consistently displayed academic excellence throughout her career. Her academic journey was marked by outstanding achievements, beginning with her undergraduate studies where she pursued a Bachelor of Science in Biology, complemented by a minor in Business, and excelled in both, graduating with honors. Dr. Narang’s commitment to excellence was evident from her early academic days, where she was always a straight-A student, driven by a passion for securing first place in every level of her education. This drive for academic excellence set a strong foundation for her future endeavors in optometry.

Dr. Narang’s pursuit for optometric excellence led her to the prestigious Pennsylvania College of Optometry, where she continued to demonstrate exceptional academic prowess. Graduating at the top of her class, she earned both academic and clinical honors, and her outstanding performance made her one of two leading candidates for valedictorian. This notable achievement underscores not only her deep theoretical knowledge but also highlights her practical skills in patient care, honed through rigorous training and a hands-on approach to learning. At Island Eyecare, Dr. Narang utilizes this extensive expertise, especially in the management of Dry Eye Syndrome, to provide top-tier care to her patients. Her lifelong commitment to staying at the forefront of her field is evident in the meticulous care and attention she dedicates to each case, ensuring that her patients benefit from her comprehensive knowledge and fervent passion for eye health.

Excelling in Ocular Expertise: Dr. Narang’s Journey Through Prestigious Externships and Exceptional Achievements

Dr. Anita Narang’s journey through her externships has been pivotal in shaping her as a skilled and versatile optometrist. During her time at renowned institutions like Einstein Hospital and Seidenberg & Protzko Eye Associates, she engaged deeply with various aspects of ocular disease and trauma management. These experiences were not just routine; they involved high-stakes, complex procedures, including assisting in surgeries for enucleated eyes, artery biopsies, LASIK, and cataract operations. Dr. Narang’s hands-on involvement in these challenging cases reflects her exceptional capability to manage acute ocular emergencies.

Her 18 months in rotation was a period of intense pressure and rigorous learning under strict preceptors. This phase of her training was characterized by exposure to a vast array of eye conditions, mirroring the comprehensive cases outlined in the Wills Eye Manual. Dr. Narang’s dedication and eagerness to learn were evident in her approach; she consistently volunteered to handle the most complex cases, often those avoided by others due to their intricacy. This proactive attitude not only honed her skills but also enriched her clinical experience. Remarkably, she encountered every condition listed in the Wills Eye Manual during her externship, with one exception . This rare condition, which she regretted not seeing during her rotation, was later diagnosed and addressed by her at Island Eyecare, showcasing her ability to apply her extensive knowledge practically and effectively.

Dr. Narang’s remarkable results in her externships are further evidenced by her exceptional academic achievements, including scoring above the 95th percentile in both Canadian and U.S. board exams. This accomplishment underlines her profound understanding and expertise in the field of optometry and has contributed significantly to her recognition as a distinguished professional in eye care.

Compassionate Care and Distinction: Dr. Narang’s Dedicated Approach to Managing Eye Health

Dr. Anita Narang’s approach to eye care goes beyond clinical excellence; it’s deeply rooted in her passion for delivering compassionate and comprehensive services to her patients. Her commitment is especially evident in her management of various eye diseases, with a particular emphasis on Ocular Surface Disease. Dr. Narang understands the multifaceted nature of eye health and the impact that conditions like Dry Eye Syndrome can have on a patient’s quality of life. Her expertise in this area is not just about offering medical solutions; it’s about providing care that empathizes with and addresses the patient’s holistic wellbeing.

This patient-centered approach has led Dr. Narang to receive numerous awards and accolades, acknowledging her dedication and skill in eye care. She believes in creating a nurturing environment where patients feel heard and understood. For Dr. Narang, every consultation is an opportunity to connect with patients on a personal level. She invests time in understanding their lifestyles, challenges, and individual health needs. By doing so, she is able to tailor treatment plans that are not only medically sound but also aligned with the specific needs and preferences of her patients. This personalized care strategy ensures that each patient receives not just treatment, but a comprehensive care plan that improves their overall eye health and quality of life.

Dr. Anita Narang: Revolutionizing the Treatment of Dry Eye Syndrome

Under the expert guidance of Dr. Anita Narang, Island Eyecare has become a beacon of hope for patients suffering from the persistent agony of Dry Eye Syndrome. Dr. Narang’s deep understanding of Ocular Surface Disease, combined with her dedication to innovative practices, has led to groundbreaking success in providing long-term relief for this condition. Her approach goes beyond mere symptom management; she delves into the root cause of each case, ensuring that the treatment plan is not just a temporary fix but a long-lasting solution.

The relief that patients experience under Dr. Narang’s care is profound, especially for those who have sought help far and wide, often without success. Many of her patients come to Island Eyecare having tried numerous treatments, only to find the relief they were seeking under Dr. Narang’s care. This success has not only established her expertise in the field but has also built a deep sense of trust and satisfaction among her patients. They appreciate not just the relief from symptoms but also the comprehensive care and attention to detail that Dr. Narang provides. Her ability to pinpoint and effectively treat the underlying causes of Dry Eye Syndrome has transformed the lives of many, offering them a renewed quality of life free from the discomfort and distress of this condition.

Comprehensive Services with a Personal Touch

At Island Eyecare, Dr. Anita Narang and her dedicated team emphasize a personalized approach to eye health that centers around the unique needs of each patient. Understanding that every individual’s eye health journey is different, they offer tailored care plans designed to address specific concerns and conditions. From managing complex cases of dry eye syndrome to routine eye examinations, the range of services is comprehensive, ensuring that all aspects of eye health are meticulously catered to. Dr. Narang’s extensive experience in optometry, combined with her compassionate approach, makes every patient’s experience at Island Eyecare both comforting and highly effective.

The commitment of Dr. Narang and her team extends beyond clinical excellence; it’s about creating a relationship of trust and understanding with each patient. When it comes to eyewear consultations, for instance, they go beyond the basics of prescription and fit. They consider the patient’s lifestyle, aesthetic preferences, and overall vision needs, ensuring that every recommendation is as functional as it is stylish. This level of personalized care not only enhances the effectiveness of treatments and solutions provided but also contributes to a more satisfying and reassuring experience for the patient. Trust in Dr. Narang’s expertise and her team’s dedication is a hallmark of Island Eyecare’s approach to enhancing and maintaining optimal eye health.

“Going to Island Eyecare and meeting Dr. Narang was the best decision for my vision health. She has given me a regimen of lifestyle tips, supplements, and some high-tech care that is really working.”

Mark R.

“Struggling with dry eyes everyday was tough, but Dr. Narang had the solution. She put together a personalized plan for me, and I can’t tell you how much better my eyes feel. It’s like I’ve finally found the relief I needed.”

Lisa M.

“Dr. Narang at Island Eyecare really knows her stuff. She explained how she could help my dry eye problem by using an expression technique. Combined with their Inmode treatments, my eyes feel relief like never before.”

Sarah W.

“Dr. Narang’s approach to eye care is something else! She combined high-tech Forma-i treatments with gland expression, and my eyes feel the best they have in years. It’s amazing how much better my quality of life is now.”

Jennifer P.

“I used to have this constant eye irritation, but Dr. Narang at Island Eyecare recommended a combo of natural supplements and the latest treatments. I was skeptical at first, but the relief I’ve experienced speaks for itself.”

David B.

“I had this annoying eye issue called Demodex and Dr. Narang knew exactly what to do. She used advanced treatments, and I can finally say my eyes are feeling so much better.”

Sophia H.

“I was struggling with dry eyes for years, but Dr. Narang at Island Eyecare changed that. She introduced me to some new treatments called Form-i and Lumecca-i. I finally have relief.”

John S.

“Before I met Dr. Narang, I had no idea what Meibomian Gland Dysfunction was. She explained everything and set me up with a comprehensive treatment plan. The relief I feel is night and day.”

Brenda C.

“I have Rosacea, and it was affecting my eyes quite badly. Dr. Narang used a treatment called Lumecca-i, and wow, what a difference! My eyes don’t feel irritated all the time anymore.”

Emily L.

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